The Aid Station - rjlmphoto

The Aid Station: Some of you may not know that awhile ago one of our runners nicknamed the YMCA table area the "Aid Station". It seemed like a cute term and it stuck. After much thought, I think that our rather flippant title could not describe this area any better.

The dictionary describes "Aid Station" as "a station located near a combat area for giving first aid to the wounded." At first, one would think this is a perfect description of a place where cramps and tired muscles are worked out, but I think our "Aid Station" has become much more than that... It has become a place to get encouragement, share problems and in general lift the spirits of the injured and "wounded".

No where is it more prevalent than when a new runner joins us, and are excepted with open arms. Similar in many ways to the aid stations in a long race... they don't ask "do you deserve water?" instead they hold it out asking "Need water?" generously giving to all in need. So, as in a long race, at any "Aid Station" I say "Thank you Volunteers!" you are needed and greatly appreciated.

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